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The requirements for openable windows in a second storey construction and in brief is as follows:

In summary as per the Building Code of Australia “Protection of openable windows states:

· In all second storey residential construction the openable part of a bedroom window must be restricted from opening greater than 125 mm or alternatively a screen placed over the window and fixed to it which can withstand the force of a child( but not a normal insect screen).

· Other alternative methods include installing a child restraint device or ensuring that the window has a complicated, two hand operating system and is unable to be opened easily. NOTE: a lockable window does not comply because the chance that the window may be forgotten to be locked or that the key is simply left in the lock is too high.

The full requirements for this section of the BCA (Building Code of Australia) are as follows: “PROTECTION OF OPENABLE WINDOWS. (Link – Building Code of Australia or the National Construction Code)

(a) A window opening must be provided with protection if the floor below the window in a bedroom is 2000 mm or more from the surface beneath.

(b) Where the lowest level of the window opening is less than 1700 mm above the floor a window opening covered by (a) must comply with the following.

(i) The openable portion of the window must be protected with

a device capable of restricting the window opening or a screen with secure fittings

(ii) A device or screen required by (i)

(A) Not permit a 125 mm sphere o pass through the window opening or screen and

(B) Resist an outward horizontal action of 250 Newtons against a window restrained by a device or a screen protecting the opening and

(C) Have a child-resistant release mechanism if the screen or device is able to me removed unlocked or overridden.

(D) A barrier with a height not less than 865 mm above the floor is required to an openable window



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