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Preparing for a Building Inspection


Vendor Inspection Reports are Important


The building inspection is a crucial part of the purchase process. It’s beneficial for both the buyer and seller as it keeps everyone informed of the building’s true condition beyond what you can see with the naked eye.

All reports conform with the building code 


Before you get a building inspection, it’s important to prepare the area. Remember, the building inspection is an investment in the process. Yes, it costs money, but it helps you get a higher price for the building you are selling or ensures that you’re making a good investment as a buyer.


How do you get ready for your building inspection? Check out the tips below to get the most out of the process.


Clear your Home


The inspector must get to all of the nooks and crannies in the home. They don’t want to have to move large pieces of furniture or dig through the brush to get to the exterior components of the property. It’s not only courteous but also imperative that you make a clear path for all crucial areas of the home. The more room the inspector has to evaluate the home, the more thorough the report he/she can write and the more honest the entire transaction can be for all parties involved.

Clean your Home


Beyond clearing the clutter, it’s important to clean your home too. While the inspection doesn’t take into consideration the home’s cleanliness, it does give the impression that you properly care for the home. The inspector will also be taking plenty of pictures of the home for the inspection report, so it’s in your best interest to ensure its cleanliness at the time of inspection.


Fix Small Issues


Before the inspector comes out to your home, take the time to walk through it and see what issues you can fix yourself. If you are even slightly handy, take the time to make the small repairs. Remember, the home inspector will look at every little detail of the home and report everything that’s wrong – big and small. The more issues the inspector finds, the more reason the buyer has to re-negotiate the price or the terms of the sale.

Don’t Skip the Investment as a Buyer


As a buyer, we know there are a lot of costs when buying a home, but the home inspection report is one thing you should not overlook. Consider it a protection of your investment. What if there is something wrong with the home? Wouldn’t you rather know before you buy it? The information could help you negotiate a lower sales price or make different terms with the seller.


Know What You’re Investing In


An experienced investor will thoroughly inspect a property both inside and out. This goes well beyond what you see as a buyer when you walk through the home. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a house and falling in love with its look and features. An unbiased inspector takes a true look at how the home operates.


An inspection report lets you know everything that’s wrong with the home. Sometimes it’s a list much longer than the buyer anticipates, again because the inspection goes well beyond the cosmetic appearance of the home. Knowing what’s wrong with the home helps you decide if the purchase is still a good one and if it’s in your best financial interests based on the expense of the necessary and potential future repairs.

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