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Pre Purchase Building Inspections Wantirna

Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections Wantirna

Building property inspection Melbourne is an established BUILDING inspections business which includes an inspection of the house under construction, as well as special-purpose defect  inspections across all Melbourne suburbs

All our VCAT building inspections comply with VCAT guidelines, if you want your application to succeed please ring us we can help.

It’s important that you get your building inspection prior to signing any legal contracts. Doing so prior to signing gives you the opportunity to back out of a sale that you don’t want to carry on with, which can save you money in the long run or you may be able to renegotiate the price.

I have inspected so many homes after the clients have purchased that are riddled with so many defects that required thousands to rectify if they had conducted pre-purchase building inspection prior to purchase they would have saved thousands yes building inspections are important.

When you’re purchasing a home in Melbourne, or anywhere else for that matter, it’s really important that you do your due diligence and get that new house inspection done- before signing any agreement.

Buying a property is a lengthy process and can take months, because of the magnitude of the decision that you will be making.

The first step is to obtain your finance and work out your budget. Then you’ll need to start searching for a property, and once you find properties you like, attend the open for inspections/open homes.

There are other steps in the property purchase process that you will need to take as well. One of these is getting a home inspection

A home inspection is essential because it lets you know the faults prior to signing any documentation.

A home inspection may be a cost that you don’t want to fork out for, but considering you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, it’s much better to spend a few hundred dollars getting the property checked over by an independent builder, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

By getting a home inspection completed, you will also find that you may have more bargaining power and can renegotiate the price down if you find that there are defects that need to be repaired.

You will also avoid the risk of defects being omitted by the vendor if you get an independent home inspection conducted.

Let’s be honest, if you were selling a house or any other goods or service, would you let the potential buyer know the faults?

The chances are you wouldn’t because you’d want to sell the property. A home inspection will help you because you will know exactly what you are getting and there will not be any nasty surprises later on

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