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How Inspections Save You Money Building Inspections Melbourne Reports


Building inspections save you money not only at the time of purchase but also long after you buy the home too.

All building reports are compliant the building code 


As a buyer, the building inspection helps you make a wise financial decision. If the issues found are too costly, you may find that you want to back out of the purchase altogether to avoid the financial issues it may cause.


If the issues aren’t bad enough to back out of the sale but are still costly, you can use the inspection report to negotiate a lower sales price with the seller. You may also negotiate with the seller to have the issues fixed before you close on the home so that you buy a home that’s in good condition upon moving into it.


Building inspections also let you know about potential issues with the home. For example, if the roof only has a year or two left on it, technically it’s not in bad condition, but a new roof could cost you thousands of dollars within a short time after buying the home. This is information you should use when deciding if you should buy the home.


A Building Inspection is a Small Price to Pay


Building inspection starts at only $295 but can save you thousands of dollars down the road. Whether you back out of the sale or negotiate a lower sales price, knowing what’s wrong with the home first is the only way to know if you’re getting a good deal on your home.


Don’t skip the building inspection – it’s the most valuable piece of information you could have next to the appraisal when buying a home. Be an informed buyer and know a home’s condition before you sign on the dotted line.


Building Inspections are for Sellers Too


Are you trying to get top dollar for the home you are selling? Before you list your property for sale, there are several steps you must take, among them is get a home inspection. Having a report from a reputable inspector that tells you and the buyer the home’s condition will help you sell the home for the highest price and help you bring in more potential buyers.


Just what can a building inspection do for you? Check out the top benefits below.


Know What you Need to Fix


A building inspection report tells you everything that’s wrong with your home, including both large and small issues.


If your home has issues that you can easily fix or that you can quickly hire someone to fix, take care of it. The better the condition the home is in at the time of the sale, the more money you’ll get for it. If buyers get wind that there are many problems with the home, they may either bid lower prices or not bid on the home at all.


If there are large issues with the home, you can be prepared to handle the issue. Whether you pay for the repairs in the hopes of getting the costs back in the sales price of the home or you are prepared to negotiate with a buyer given the home’s issues, you’ll have a plan ahead of time rather than feeling blindsided after the fact.


Give Buyers Reassurance


Buyers want as much information as possible about a home before buying it. They want to know that the information you provide is backed by neutral third parties rather than just the seller himself.


An unbiased inspection report lets buyers know a home’s true condition. They can rest assured that they are making a good investment when they know the home is in good condition. Buyers can trust that the seller isn’t hiding anything that’s wrong with the home, reassuring them that they are making a good investment. It also helps buyers plan for the future as reports often give the details on any potential issues that could happen in the near future based on what the inspector sees.


Stop Pest Damage


Building inspectors also look for pest damage or possible pest infestation. If pest infestation is left untreated, it could cause damage to the home and to the health of everyone living in it. Building inspectors look for signs of live pests as well as for telltale signs of a potential infestation, such as built-up water, moisture, or mold.


Knowing the potential for pest damage, you can take the appropriate steps to stop the issue before it starts. If there is already pest infestation, you can get the proper treatment to protect the integrity of the home and the health of everyone living in it.

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