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Pre Purchase Building Pest inspections Doncaster

Doncaster pre-auction inspections are such a necessity before buying a property as you require specialized advice as to the condition of your house before purchase.

Too many people have bought properties only to realize that they have bought themselves a house riddled with so many defects that they will require to spend thousands to rectify, and if they don’t have the funds then they are in big trouble if only they had consulted a Building inspection service before purchase.

It’s not only Building defects that you need to worry about but also the prospect of having termites that have the potential to eat your house away before you even realize there is a problem. Building and Pest Inspections are the most popular inspection requirement today and are very well worth the small cost to give you peace of mind that you have bought yourself a nice home.

Why people don’t do a Building and Pest inspection before signing the contract is beyond me as they going into the house with there eyes closed. Yes, many homes have only minor defects but also how many homes have I inspected that are complete disasters with major defects throughout.

Inspected a recent property in Doncaster that seemed ok from the outside, but once inside we found severe problems with the flooring as there was rot everywhere and the home has termites throughout the skirting boards and many windows reveals, so the prospective buyer who was with us on the day was absolutely horrified as to the extent of the damage, needless to say, he did not BUY the house.

On another occasion our inspection revealed the subfloor of the house was covered with a thick plastic cover throughout which was not allowing the soil to breathe, we removed sections of the plastic and we discovered that the entire soil was covered in 30mm of surface water and the mold was everywhere, very nasty.

Please always get a Building and Pest inspection before signing the contract, it’s not worth the risk, getting a Doncaster pre-auction inspection is a must


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