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Croydon Building Inspections

Croydon Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Before you commence on buying your house/property it’s advisable to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection as this has the potential in saving you thousands of dollars if your house is infested with termites or the existence of any structural building defects that may exist. Building House Inspections are registered practitioners with many years of experience providing building inspection reports on the condition of the property you are buying.
All building reports comply with victorian building authority guidelines.

 pre-purchase building inspections  will identify the following components:

  • Investigate all structural building defects including cracks to walls
  • Perform a building and pest inspections test identifying the presence of termites using infrared technology and moisture meters
  • If you require a quote for a building renovation we are the experts as well, we can help to provide free advice, we are registered with the VBA

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