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Building Pre Purchase Inspections Berwick


Pre Purchase Berwick House Inspections

At Building House Inspections, we’re often called upon to inspect a house after our first home buyers have settled into their new surroundings.

They always make the mistake of conducting a pre-purchase building inspection after they have bought the house when they start noticing cracks to the walls and thinking that they may have structural damage decide to then give us a call.

All inspections adhere to the victorian building authority guidelines.


A pre-purchase building inspection in Berwick will raise your awareness of structural building defects, allowing you to negotiate a better price to cover the cost of rectifications by trades.

You can save thousands by conducting a building pest inspection in Berwick and surrounding areas.

It’s important that you get your building inspection prior to signing any legal contracts. Doing so prior to signing gives you the opportunity to back out of a sale that you don’t want to carry on with, which can save you money in the long run or you may be able to renegotiate the price.

We abide by all victorian building authority guidelines during our building inspections and pre-auction building inspections in Melbourne


I have inspected so many homes after the clients have purchased that are riddled with so many defects that required thousands to rectify if they had conducted pre-purchase building inspection prior to purchase they would have saved thousands yes building inspections are important.

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