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Building Pest inspections Frankston

When you buy your first home it’s so exciting as you are looking forward to moving in and creating memories of your family life that will stay with you forever. It’s so hard to find that right property that will suit your families lifestyle, does it have the necessary rooms, is the decor ok, what about the outside gardens, But have you considered that there may be defects lurking within the structure, have you considered conducting a Building Pre Purchase Inspection in Frankston before buying your dream home, all inspections comply with the victorian building authority


Hiring a building inspector to conduct a Building Pre Purchase Inspection Frankston is the smartest thing that you could do, for the small cost involved it imperative that before signing the contract, ring a building pre-purchase inspection company in Frankston to conduct an inspection and the most important inspection would be the Building and Pest Inspection.

Building House Inspections is one company that conducts building pre-purchase inspection in Frankston, they are Registered Practitioners and have many years of experience, you can not go wrong by employing their services if you only have an inquiry they do provide free consultations

By conducting a building pre-purchase inspection you will become aware of any defects that currently exist within the property and whether there are any Structural Defects present, the building inspection company will provide a report with photos attached outlining were any defects exist and how to rectify as well as approx cost for all defects that will require rectification.


During our pre-purchase inspections, we will examine all internal areas as well as all external areas including the roof void as well as the subfloor, the subfloor is probably the most important part of the inspection process but unfortunately, there are many times when this inspection is not possible due to a no access door been provided, height restrictions, we must have a minimum of 420mm from ground to underside of bearer, we also look for any drainage issues as well as dampness, we inspect over 1000 items during the inspection which can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to conduct, ring Building House Inspections to conduct your next building pre-purchase inspection for your peace of mind and enjoy your sleep with no nightmares involved

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