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BUILDING INSPECTOR WYNDAM VALE Are you looking to buy a property in Wyndam Vale? If so, organizing a building inspection pre purchase inspection should be considered.

While it might be tempting to not consider a building inspection it should be an absolute requirement as you dont now what hidden surprises you will find, its not worth the risk. (we know how the costs of buying a new home can quickly add up!), you should consider it an important investment, particularly when buying in Manor Lakes

We’ve heard endless stories from people who have bought in Manor Lakes only to discover later that there property had major defects that the owner would have rectified during the negotiations.

Engaging a building inspector to check the property before buying in Manor Lakes is a wise decision., we also have dozens of stories where the buyer has been able to save on their purchase price because our building inspection uncovered issues that allowed them to negotiate down the price to the buyers satisfaction.

Our inspections in Manor Lakes  are performed in accordance with Australian Standards, and if you’re unsatisfied with any aspect of our work we guarantee to rectify the issue

Our house inspections are conducted by inspectors who are very familiar with Manor Lakes area and understand issues that require inspection .

We inspect all exterior areas ,all internal areas including roof, roof space ,sub floor if any and many more items.

We also offer very competitive pricing, so whether you’re looking for a pre-purchase inspection, pest and termite inspection, asbestos inspection, pre-sale, pre-handover, or pre-auction house inspection, make sure you contact us for a quote

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