Buying a new property is an expensive proposition. Without a doubt, it is one of the biggest financial decisions and life goal for many out there. No matter whether you are preparing to buy a home for self-occupancy or purchasing real estate as an investment, getting it thoroughly inspected is a must.

All building pre purchase building inspections comply with the victorian building authority guidelines

We at Building House Inspections provide comprehensive pest and building inspection services in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our team of expert property inspectors assess the physical condition of the structure and provide a detailed building inspection report to save you from costly mistakes and lifetime regrets.

Why Building Inspection is Important?

A prompt, professional and thorough building inspection is ideal to determine the structural defects or major systemic deteriorations that affect the property usage, life expectancy and occupancy status. An expert building inspector can assist home buyers, vendors, property investors and property managers to acquire property, houses, buildings town houses and commercial complexes. They are responsible to evaluate the construction quality and structural components of the building and suggest the expected improvements. Also, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and other systems are inspected to ensure they are safe to use and serve the intended function unfailingly.

Building House Inspections has been servicing every suburb in Melbourne for years. We come up with simple explanations and in-depth reports without using industry jargons to make crucial information digestible to you. Moreover, we provide great advice on upkeep and property maintenance- something that will help you preserve the value of property in imminent future.

Get Comprehensive Property Inspection Reports
Also knows as ‘standard property report’, and ‘pre-purchase property inspection report’, a building inspection report describes the structural viability of the property and enlists all (major and minor) defects found in the interior and exterior of the premise. A visual report outlines the current status of property and unveils the presence of structural cracks or any termite infestation which will hurt the aesthetic and monetary value of the building.

The inspection report provided by Building House Inspections can range from 60-110 pages and includes coloured photographs and illustrations. This detailed report will help you understand the condition of the property you are prepping to buy. Sure, the read may seem a lengthy one, but it isn’t. Photographs which are included in report take a lot of space. But these images are important; they will help you understand the existing and potential defects in property, making it easier for you to identify the issues you might face after splurging grand sum of bucks.

The building inspection can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the defects found, property size and whether or not a pest inspection is required. It is to be noted that the building inspections report is only a visual report and will only comment on defects that are visible. If an inspector examines a property and is hindered by owners furnishings, or finds there is no manhole cover, or the sub floor entrance door is too low  then his report will not cover areas that were inaccessible. It is not an invasive building inspections but a visual one, something that clients  should understand.

Why Choose Building House Inspections?
  • Experienced & qualified local inspectors– we comply with the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • In-depth property inspection reports
  • We are registered builders and members of Master Builders
  • Fastest turnaround- inspections are arranged within 24 hours and the report is emailed the same night
  • Unlimited phone support before & after the inspection.
  • Competitive building inspections Melbourne cost
  • Dedicated to providing the best service for our clients
  • Accurate & prompt services
  • Free consultations- If you have any queries, you can call our team at any hour of time

Understand- property inspection is more than a smart idea, it is a requirement to ascertain peace of mind. Getting your residential and commercial properties inspected is an investment that will save you from making an expensive mistake. You can sidestep hassle and save your tens of thousands in repairs with your decision of property inspections in Melbourne.

We provide building inspections throughout the Melbourne area including Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. Make an informed decision- contact us on 0402 198 639 for free advice or to book an inspection today.