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Pre Purchase Building Inspections Doncaster

Always have a building inspector by your side when you are doing a Building Inspections report in Doncaster as the money you will pay is nothing in comparison to the cost involved to rectify any defects that are found. 

 It’s well worth getting a building inspections report. A building inspections report in Doncaster will provide invaluable information with regard to the structure of the property, if any structural defects are found they will be in the report with photos as well as comments as well as all other defects will be recorded.

Not all properties have major defects and although every house will have faults many will be of minor value only but you never know what you will find, just because it looks good on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean all is ok.

building inspections doncasterSo many people have decided against doing a building and pest inspection in Doncaster mainly due to the small cost involved or they have a friend who can do an inspection for no cost only to regret the decision later

Always make it a condition of your contract “Conditional upon obtaining a building and pest inspection” and make sure there are no sections that have the words “Structural Defect” inserted, make sure you remove this word as it could stop you from renegotiating you contract if you only find minor defects or the major defects are not structural in nature.

I will always advise my clients to ring the local council in Doncaster and speak to the planning or building department in regards to any illegal structures or extensions that have been constructed. How many times have I rang the council on behalf of the client to find that no permits were obtained before construction commenced, this could have huge implications down the track if council were to get involved, the cost and the stress involved would be enormous, don’t take the risk always employ the services of a building inspections inspector and make sure that he is a Registered Practitioner and always check his credentials with the VBA website as too many building inspections inspectors are not registered and lie to get the job, don’t take the risk check his registration details

The Building inspections Doncaster report is only a visual report and will only comment on defects that are seen if an inspector does an inspection and is hindered by owners furnishings or there is no manhole cover and the subfloor entrance door is too low then his report will not cover areas that access was denied, its not an invasive inspection only a visual something that many clients do not understand.

To always avoid disputes like this occurring you should always have a page on your website that stipulates the “Term and Conditions” and to make sure that your clients read and agree to these terms and conditions before proceeding with the inspection, you will not find many websites with there terms and conditions inserted as they are scared of losing clients. 

The Building Inspections Doncaster report can take anywhere from one hour to two hours depending on what is found, the size of the property and whether a pest inspection is required as well. When we call it a Building and Pest Inspection it should be called Building and Termites Inspections as we only look for termites,some inspectors may say that they also look for a pest like mice, rats, etc but this is really a marketing ploy.


It’s not a requirement that banks should have a Building and Pest Inspection conducted before their loan is approved but it should be, and as the industry is not regulated this can cause severe implications if the inspector is not aware of the building regulations

Building Inspections are normally arranged within 24 hours with the report emailed the same night, Building House Inspections are a reputable company with many years of experience and there prices and service provided is second to none if you have any queries please give them a call as they do provide Free consultations.

We provide building inspections throughout all Melbourne including Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula


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